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The course of development
Current location:
  • Start-up stage, 2003-2008
    Shenzhen Haopeng International Logistics supply chain Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, focusing on building the foundation of international logistics services. During this period, the company built the initial business model, and began to operate in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and gradually established the market position of the enterprise.
  • Development and expansion, 2008-2013
    With the expansion of the market, the company has expanded its business scope, expanded to many domestic cities such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Yiwu and Quanzhou, set up branches, strengthened the service network and enhanced the customer service ability.
  • Service Innovation, 2013-2016
    In the face of the rapid development of e-commerce, Haopeng International has promoted the diversification of service items, including FBA head service, packet postal service, and dedicated line services for Southeast Asian markets to meet the complex needs of cross-border e-commerce.
  • Capacity improvement, 2016-2018
    The company has made significant investments in warehousing and logistics capabilities, significantly increased independent warehousing space, optimized cargo handling efficiency through technological upgrades, and strengthened air transportation services in fixed warehouses.
  • Brand building, 2018-2021
    Further enhance the company's brand image, by providing high-quality customer service and enhance the professionalism of logistics solutions, to become a leading brand in the industry.
  • Vision for the future, 2021-to date
    The company continues to pursue innovation and optimize supply chain management, is committed to establishing an efficient, transparent and sustainable logistics network, and formulating new strategic plans to meet evolving market needs and challenges.
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