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Create Import and Export supply chain Brand and create China's leading Import Enterprises
Shenzhen Haopeng International Logistics supply chain Management Co., Ltd., founded more than 20 years ago, is an experienced cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprise. The company has a solid credit system and professional service team, based in Shenzhen, China, looking at the global market. At present, Haopeng International has developed into a comprehensive international logistics enterprise with more than 350employees and 15000 square meters of independent storage space, with branches in many domestic cities. Haopeng International provides a range of logistics services, including FBA lead service for multinational Amazon warehouses, covering Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and Singapore. At the same time, as the general agent of the third-party postal service, the company provides global small package transportation services; its air transport service has fixed positions, covering major European and American routes; special line services include double clearance door-to-door service in Southeast Asia; and the COD segment focuses on cash on delivery services in Singapore, Malaysia and other places. Haopeng International is committed to becoming a leading brand in the industry, providing 24-hour comprehensive logistics services through continuous innovation and optimization of supply chain management. The company aims to help customers reduce costs, improve logistics efficiency, and increase the diversity of logistics services to meet the changing market demand. The long-term goal is to build an efficient, transparent and sustainable logistics network. In the process of operation, Haopeng International always adheres to the core principle of "sincere service and common development". The company attaches importance to talent development, pay attention to service quality, and is committed to improving employees' professional skills and service awareness. By providing safe, fast and reliable logistics solutions, the company hopes not only to meet the current needs of customers, but also to foresee and solve the challenges that may be faced in the future.
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