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Amazon (AMZN.US) will launch Black Friday event on November 17

Amazon has announced an early start to this year's Black Friday shopping spree, scheduled to begin on November 17th. This move represents a shift to an earlier and more condensed shopping timeline compared to last year, setting the stage for an intense shopping experience.

For Black Friday, Amazon is armed with an array of sought-after brands, offering selected products at the lowest prices. Shoppers can expect competitive deals on household items, fitness equipment, toys, skincare, and rugs from brands like YETI, Peloton, LEGO, Lanc?me, and Ruggable.

Moreover, Amazon plans to extend the savings with its Cyber Monday promotion from November 25th to November 27th. Brands such as Casper, Ninja, CeraVe, and Helly Hansen will join the lineup, providing consumers with additional discounts during the bustling year-end shopping season.


To add excitement to the shopping experience, Amazon will release new deals every five minutes during specific periods, allowing consumers to delight in a constantly refreshing array of offers. Amazon Prime members will enjoy early access to these deals, alongside exclusive offers on Amazon's website and the convenience of shopping directly from merchants' online stores using the Buy with Prime service.

This series of promotional events is set to further ignite consumers' passion for shopping. As one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms, Amazon's strategy to trigger Black Friday early and introduce Cyber Monday promotions is a robust response to the year-end shopping season and a significant mobilization of consumer enthusiasm. In the coming days, we can anticipate this shopping extravaganza to bring more surprises and deals.

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