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Anchorage Airport Gridlock: Snowstorm Causes Major Flight Disruptions

Weather Woes at Anchorage Airport

Recently, a severe snowstorm in Anchorage has led to significant disruptions in air freight services. The storm has resulted in numerous cancellations of cargo flights, with the aftermath expected to cause further tightness in flight availability. Forwarding agents have notified that airlines such as GG, CX, K4, KD, 5Y, CV, CI, and others have been impacted to varying degrees.


Anchorage Airport in the Throes of the Storm

The Anchorage Airport (ANC) has faced severe congestion due to the blizzard, with many aircraft stuck in long queues for de-icing. A NOTAM issued from 0806z on November 9th until 2359z the following day announced the airport's closure, exacerbating the already dire situation. The sudden weather shift has led to prolonged delays for numerous flights.

Flight Adjustments and Cancellations

As a result of the snowstorm, TAM flights have been canceled, with routes being diverted to FAI and HND, bypassing ANC altogether. This has triggered a domino effect, with many flight crews timing out due to extended duty periods, leading to even lengthier delays.

Severe Disruption to TAM Flights

TAM flights have suffered severe disruptions due to the snowstorm at ANC. A shortage of resources and confusion in crew rotation and patterns have put many TAM flights at risk of cancellation.

IOC's Monitoring and Response

The Integrated Operations Center (IOC) will continue to monitor the operational status of ANC affected by the blizzard, ensuring that updates on flight changes are disseminated promptly. Passengers are advised to adjust their travel plans in light of confirmed cancellations such as flights CX 3280/3285/11NovHKG-ANC-LAX-PDX-ANC-HKG, CX2070/2071/10NovHKG-MIA-ANC-HKG, and CX3194/095/10Nov HKG-ANC-JFK-HKG.

Navigating the Unpredictable

In response to such widespread flight adjustments and cancellations, it is advisable for shippers to make advance bookings to ensure timely delivery of goods. Considering the current chaotic situation, opting not to lock in prices may be a wiser choice.

In summary, while weather can be unpredictable, we can take steps to prepare in advance. It is hoped that everyone can adjust their strategies promptly in this snowstorm, minimizing losses and overcoming this challenge together. We will continue to monitor this event and bring the latest news as it unfolds.


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