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Around 20,000 Amazon employees to strike in Spain

Recently, the Spanish trade union CCOO issued a call for 20,000 warehouse and delivery workers at Amazon Spain to go on strike on Cyber Monday, 27 November. The strike is scheduled to take place during one hour of each shift, with the same strike action taking place on the following day's shift. Workers are aiming to improve their pay and working conditions.

Amazon's operations in Spain are divided into three shifts per day, and Cyber Monday is the first working day after Thanksgiving. This is a day of great significance for retailers, as consumers return to work and start shopping for Christmas presents. As such, the strike action will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Amazon's operations in Spain.

Amazon's warehouses in Spain are distributed as follows:

MAD4Avenida de la Astronomia 24,San Fernando de Henares,Madrid,28830。
XESBES FBA FLEX,Avenida Rio Henares 16,Guadalajara,Alovera,19208。
XESAAVDEL RIO HENARES 16,Alovera,Guadalajara,19208。
BCN1Av. de les Garrigues 6-8,El Prat de Llobregat,Barcelona,8820。
MAD6Avenida de la Logistica 13,Illescas,Toledo,45200。
SVQ1Poligono Sen,Dos Hermanas Seville,Andalusia,41703。
HAD9Camino de os Afligidos,Alcala de Henares,Madrid,28804。
PESGCEVA Logistics Avenida Hontalba 6,Illescas,Toledo,45200。
RIU1Calle Isidro Vivancos Mlunoz Parque Logistico del Sureste,Murcia,Hurcia,30156。
MAD7Carretera antigua Madrid-Toledo 38D,Illescas,Illescas,45200。
VLC1Calle Panama 28,Onda,Castellon,12200。
BCN8Carrer Ca n'Alzina,161,Sabadell,Barcelona,8210。
ZAZ1Parcelas: ALI-28 ALI-2,Zaragoza,Aragon,50197。

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